Beach Sundal (Chick peas salad with green mango)


I don’t know if I could call this street food, because I’ve only tasted these in Tamilnadu (South India) beaches. It is quite an experience, munching on this hot and spicy sundal while caressed by the salty ocean breeze. It is called  “Thengaa (coconut) Maangaa (green mango) Pattaani (peas) Sundal”. I have never tasted coconut in this sundal, so I don’t add coconut in my recipe.

  • Ingredients:

(Traditionally dried green peas are used for this sundal, but I love chick peas.)


  • In a pan/wok, heat 3 tsp of oil and splutter a tsp of mustard seeds. Then saute the chopped green chillies, grated ginger and curry leaves.


  • Then add the onions and green mango together and saute, just enough to take the edge off. The onions and mango shouldn’t become too soft.


  • Saute the grated carrot. Again , make sure they don’t soften too much. Add salt to taste.


  • Add the chick peas and mix with the other veggies. Add crushed garlic and mix well. Garlic is optional, but it is always wise to add some garlic to all your lentils/beans recipes 🙂


  • Finally sprinkle the chopped cilantro and turn the heat off. Add more salt if needed. Also if you want to make it more spicy , you can add crushed red peppers.


  • Cover with lid and leave the sundal in the same wok for at least 10 minutes (with heat turned off).


  • And you have to serve this sundal in  paper cone to complete the beach experience.

[After I prepped all my vegetables today, I realised that my camera was completely out of charge. I couldn’t wait an hour for the camera to re-charge as the kids were already in the car with their beach toys. So all  pictures were taken with my windows phone today. Though I had some lighting issues, I think they turned out okay 🙂 ]


6 thoughts on “Beach Sundal (Chick peas salad with green mango)

  1. Hi, found your site through veganrecipesonline. Girl! you have immense patience to give us fodies a step by step pictorial of the recipes! Great effort.
    Btw, I make sundal too, but with coconut. 🙂

    • Thank you Namrata ! I am a visual person, I learned to cook by wathcing my grandma, mom and aunts cook.

      Next time I will try the coconut for this recipe. Usually I add coconut for the navarathri sundal.

      Btw, what is your blog’s name ?

      • is my site. Its not just a food site but I write on varied topics as well. Do check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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