Mysorepak is one such sweet , that you can’t just read a recipe, do it and get it right. There is a rhythm to the making of it and you have to do atleast a couple of times to find your own and make mysorepaks with the melt in your mouth texture and yet not like a burfi. I had the hardest time taking pics for this recipe as in the last 5 minutes things happen really fast , and managing the camera and the stirring was a challenge. However, I hope if you are looking for a mysorepak recipe this could help you.Image
Besan (chick peas flour)- 1 cup
Sugar – 2 cups
water – 1/2 cup
Ghee – 1 cup
flavorless oil – 1 cup(I like the mix of ghee and oil, when you use just ghee, the texture doesn’t come right…it comes out very soft , like a burfi. And we won’t be fully using the 2 cups of ghee and oil mix, but its always better to have this amount on hand ready, coz’ while making the mysorepak, if you need more ghee/oil…it would be too late.)Image

Mix 1 cup of ghee and 1 cup of oil and heat it to smoking hot, then lower down the flame and keep it in ‘sim’ until the mysorepak is done. The key is that it should be hot, not warm.Image
Heat 3 tbsp of oil (you can take some from ghee+oil mix) and add it to the besan. The oil has to be hot enough so that you hear a sizzle and you can also see it bubbling when you add to the besan. Do not skip this step, this takes the raw smell out of besan.Image
Mix the oil well with the besan, try to break the lumps with spoon, but do not worry much about them. I always add it like this, the lumps smooth out in the syrup anyways.Image
Grease the plate you will be pouring the mysorepak in at the end.Image
I have one heavy bottomed pot to make the mysorepak and the ghee+oil pot in the nearby burner (keep it hot)Image
Add the sugar and water to the pot to make the syrup.Image
Stir until sugar completely dissolves. The consistency we are looking for is 1-string. But you don’t have to check the string. when you see the sugar boiling like this, it is 1-string consistency.Image
Add the besan to the syrup. You will see lumps now…but do not worry about that.keep stirring for a couple of minute before you start to add ghee.Image
Pour a big spoon of hot ghee+oil to the mix. Ofcourse, you have to hear the sizzle and you will see the hot ghee cooking the top layer instantly.Image
Mix well until the ghee is absorbed. Keep adding ghee and keep stirring.Image
The mixture will take in all the ghee you are adding. Notice the smooth texture…Image
Notice how the texture is becoming flaky, its the beginning of the end .Image
Slowly the ghee+oil will start oozing out of the mixture. Image
The mixture will not stick to the bottom anymore.Image
When it rolls easily into one big lump you know its done…if you leave it on heat any longer, it will start to brown/burn.Image
Quickly transfer the mysorepak to the greased plate….the mysorepak will continue to cook.
Smooth the top without pressing too hard, the top layer will look rough….that’s how mysorepak is.Image
Mark lines when it is still warm. But you can wait for it cool down before you cut them into pieces.Image
The cooking time, from making the syrup to pouring the finished mysorepak to the greased plate won’t be more than 10 – 12 mins. But those 10 mins definitely need your undivided attention.  Good luck !Image